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The RCADS and its derivative works are intellectual property owned and copyrighted by Bruce F. Chorpita and Susan H. Spence, and the instruments are available at no cost to end users. Thank you for using the RCADS responsibly!

The following terms apply in all cases:

  1. Commercial distribution of the RCADS instruments, scoring resources, derivatives, or items in any form or medium is prohibited.
  2. This website is the only official public distribution source for RCADS instruments and resources, and posting RCADS instruments, resources, or derivatives on a public website is prohibited. Private distribution within an organization is allowed, so long as there is acknowledgement that original versions can only be obtained on this website. Organizations are responsible for keeping any internal versions of instruments, scoring resources, norms, etc. up to date.
  3. The use of any RCADS instruments, resources, derivatives, or individual items for any reason is the responsibility of the user, at the user’s own risk. Neither the developers nor UCLA are responsible for any consequences of such use.


The following activities do not require written permission:

  1. Use for educational purposes, as long as proper attribution is supplied
  2. Use in presentations, as long as a proper attribution is supplied
  3. Individual professional use for clinical purposes

The following common activities require written permission

  1. Institutional use in a clinical or service organization
  2. Use in any research study
  3. Authoring or editing any derivatives, including reuse of individual items (not including translations)
  4. Translations
  5. Inclusion in an Electronic Health Record system

If you are planning to engage in one of the five activities listed above, please click this link to request permission to use the RCADS. It can take up to 2 weeks for our team to review each request. If you intend to pursue more than one activity, you must submit a request for each type (e.g., translation and research). If approved, you will receive a signed form to serve as your official permission to use the RCADS for each requested activity. 

If you have another intended use other than described above, or if you have any further questions please contact us at: